Hiring the Right Surveyor

Checklist in Hiring the Right Land Surveyor for Your Survey

 Land surveying is an essential component of land ownership, one of the American ideals that we cherish in this country. Don’t take chances hiring the wrong surveyor. 

Rich Leaver is the land surveyor that:

___ is licensed to do your land survey and handles all communications with you from start to finish.

___ finally signs and seals your land survey map.

___ will be the surveyor in the field actually doing the field work.

___ will be drafting your survey map.

___ will be providing all certifications that your land survey is complete and correct.

___ identifies all survey markers that he sets with his company name.

___ works full time in land surveying year round including the winter months.

___ files all surveys with you and the county, as required by state statutes, by always completing a survey map that is fully compliant, meeting or exceeding the minimum standards for property surveys.

___ considers land surveying to be his specialty and area of expertise, above all others, and has the years of experience to prove it.

___ has completed continuing education courses to stay current with technology, ethics and law, and appropriate procedures of practice.

___ represents your interests with city, town and/or county government to insure all specifications are adhered to and requirements are met in the process of getting certified survey maps reviewed, approved and finally recorded.

___ uses state of the art Leica GPS technology linked to the state continuous operating reference stations (CORS) and Leica robotics technologies to allow for the accurate and efficient completion of your survey.

___ uses checking procedures in the field to insure redundancy with checks and rechecks to avoid mistakes so that your survey is right.

___ uses land surveying software for computing and drafting survey maps that is designed by land surveyors and is specifically for land surveying applications.

___ encourages your participation in evaluating our services, so that he can be better equipped to continue to earn your trust as your land surveyor.

___ adheres to state laws, the county land use code, and town, city or village subdivision and zoning codes pertaining to the practice of land surveying.

___ goes the extra mile, if necessary, to insure that your survey is correct and complete.

___ uses experience in recognizing potential trouble spots, and communicates any to you before a problem is created.

___ avoids creating problems for either you or your neighbors concerning potential boundary disputes, recognizing that seeking solutions is always preferred, rather than creating problems.

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