LLS Services

Land surveying involves property lines or boundary lines of parcels. In line with this, LLS provides certified survey maps, resurveys, large acreage surveys, new subdivision plats, topographic and site surveys, and much more. To learn more about LLS services, click here... or call 920-887-2401 today for a free estimate.

The Essence of Land Surveying

Land surveying is an essential component of land ownership, one of the American ideals that we cherish in this country. Whenever real estate is transacted, there is the transfer of ownership involving a land parcel or the creation of a land parcel.
Land surveying is a regulated and licensed profession by the state of Wisconsin department of regulation and licensing to ensure quality and professional work. LLS offers quality and professional level work that will determine the legal extents or boundaries of your parcel, whether your parcel exists, or whether you are creating a new parcel, several or many parcels.